Aucasaurus - 1(Skeletal(Scott Hartman))

Aucasaurus skeletal by Scott Hartman.

{This page is under construction.}. Aucasaurus
was a genus of medium-sized theropod dinosaur from Argentina that lived during the Santonian stage. It was smaller than the related Carnotaurus, although the arms were marginally longer, assume they where external at all.[1]


It was a carnataurin abelisaur, a group of specialised, cheetah-like ceratosaurs that lived inot the cretaceous.
Aucasaurs - 2(Caudal vertebra(Jaime Headden))

Aucasaurus Caudal Vertabra


The type skeleton is complete to the thirteenth caudal vertebra, and so is relatively well understood, and is the most complete abelisaurid yet described. However, the skull is damaged, causing some paleontologists to speculate that it was involved in a fight shortly prior to death.


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